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Vendor Marketplace Listing submission is open to IAHSS Member Companies, and Non-Member Companies. Each listing is valid for 6 months at $750.00 (or 12 months at $1200.00) from the date of posting and approval/payment. Approval By IAHSS Requires Payment of the Website Marketplace rate in our Advertising Rates. Contact: Nancy Felesena Executive Assistant 888-353-0990, with any questions at: Voice: 1.630.529.3913 Fax: 1.630.529.4139 TOLL FREE: in USA 1.888.353.0990.

To add your listing to the Vendor Marketplace, complete the below information, then submit your listing for approval. If Approved, you will receive an Email with a Link to the Online Payment page, where you can make your payment (make sure your email address entered below is valid and you have white listed emails from iahss.org!). We Accept Payment by Credit Card (American Express, Visa, and Master Card), or by Check (payment by credit card activates your Vendor Marketplace Listing immediately).

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