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Certification renewal is seen as an important element in providing quality assurance within a healthcare institution and protecting both the officer and institution in case of litigation.  While there are a number of processes that have remained relatively constant over the years, there are many others that have changed in response to regulatory or technology advancements.

If challenged in a court during a negligence or liability lawsuit, an attorney could easily convince a jury that any certification not maintained may not meet current standards. A healthcare institution would be remiss if it did not consider protecting itself and its employees in such a high profile area as security through periodic renewals.

Do I have any other choice but to renew at the same level?
Progressive certification is a method designed to assist the institution and officers to achieve a better end result. For example, any officer certified at the basic level may choose to sit for the advanced level exam in lieu of renewal at the basic level. Those who have attained advanced certification may sit for the Supervisor examination. In this manner, officers may advance in their careers and institutions can develop a pool of candidates for future promotions.

Click here to download the Re-Certification Application [PDF]