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The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) is the world's leading organization specializing in healthcare security and safety. With a proven track record, IAHSS has certified healthcare security and safety personnel to tackle the special needs of healthcare institutions.

Certification is the best means to ensure that you and your staff understand and can implement the important functions within your healthcare facility on both a daily basis and when the unexpected occurs.

What is IAHSS Certification?

IAHSS offers certification for healthcare security in four areas:

Progressive certification builds from one program to the next - Basic, Advanced, Supervisor. Basic certification focuses on the knowledge and skills identified in the IAHSS Basic Training Manual and Study Guide, developed and regularly updated by professionals in healthcare security and safety. Advanced and supervisory certifications recognize a progression in knowledge and skills gained from the information meticulously gathered in the Advanced Training Manual and Study Guide and the Supervisory Training and Study Guide.

Who can take the exams?

All healthcare security officers and those aspiring to work in healthcare security and safety are eligible to start the certification process beginning with the Basic level. Successful completion of the Basic Certification extends eligibility to progress to the Advanced level and then to the Supervisory level.