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Applicant must be, or must have been the security/safety, emergency management or risk management administrator/manager of a healthcare facility in the last 10 years.


Applicant must submit a completed application clearly documenting the accumulation of the required (10) credits among the four categories of Education, Experience, Membership and Specialized Training.

Click to download the PDF application

Application Fee

$400.00 - Payment must accompany the application.

Qualifying Criteria (10 Credits Required)

Education: (Claim single highest degree)

High School Graduate 1 credit
Associate Degree 2 credits
Baccalaureate Degree 3 credits
Graduate Degree 4 credits


Applicant must be or have been the security / safety / risk management - emergency preparedness administrator / manager of a healthcare facility of institution within the last 10 years.

Required minimum: 2 years 1 credit
Each year 1 credit


Current Senior or Partner member of IAHSS.

Each year 1 credit

Specialized Training

Professional security, safety, emergency preparedness or risk management training / education approved by IAHSS.

Each program 1 credit (Equal to 10 instructional contact hours)

Each Graduate is required to become a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator within twelve months (12).

CHPA Level

The Commission on Certification will confer the title of Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) on candidates successfully completing the examination. Persons receiving this certification are authorized to use the designation CHPA with their name to attest to this professional credentialing.


Candidates must successfully pass a written examination covering the current bodies of knowledge with a minimum of 55% for each section and a total overall score of 70%. Preparation for the examination is achieved by utilizing the study materials in the reference list and the CHPA Study Guide Powerpoint. If you fail you may retest one time. The retest fee is $100. If you should fail a second time you will need to re-apply for the program.

CHPA Examination

The CHPA Examination will be administered at IAHSS sponsored events or online. To arrange other examination times, contact the IAHSS.