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bullet CHPA in good standing for 4 years.
bullet Three references from CHPA’s in good standing.
bullet Letter from candidate’s administrator
bullet Candidate must submit statement to Review Board indicating reason for seeking Fellowship status and / or what the candidate can contribute to the profession as a fellow

Fellowship Candidate Exam Fee $375.00

Candidate must take the exam within four years of achieving candidate status. If the candidate has not taken the exam before the date stated in the Fellowship Application, candidate must resubmit new application.

The exam is an oral defense of the paper by the candidate before a panel. The exam will be given at the AGM.

If candidate fails he/she may retest within 12 months at no additional fee. 12-24 months- $100.00 After 24 months candidate must restart process.

Fellows will be required to re-certify every 5 years. To re-certify 30 credits are required. The re-certification fee is $200.00. Points for re-certification must be earned in the five years prior to re-certification request. Designation for Fellows will be CHPA(F).

Click icon to download the CHPA Fellow Application in either (Word) or (PDF) format.