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Review the following pages for specific test information/requirements:

Each exam is assigned to a specific individual so do not change the name on the examination answer sheet without prior approval from the IAHSS office.

Exams and answer sheets must be returned to the IAHSS office with 45 days of issue. After 45 days these materials become invalid. If the examination cannot be completed with this time period, please return the unused exams for a credit. No cash refunds will be issued.

Please, do not call the office for exam results, they will be communicated by mail to the proctor and examinee as soon as they are available.

To avoid delays in scoring, please make sure that all information is correctly provided, any erasures are complete and the forms are not folded or bent. This will expedite processing and ensure your results are provided in a timely manner.

For the traditional mail-in exam (multiple exams online), please allow up to three weeks for receiving and processing ordered materials.

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