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Designed for the Basic Certified Healthcare Security Officer (CHSO)

Number of chapters: 14
Prerequisites: Basic Certified Healthcare Security Officer
Examination: 50 question, multiple choice Advanced Healthcare Security Exam
Issued: Certified Advanced Healthcare Security Officer (CAHSO)

Advanced Training Manual & Study Guide 4th Edition
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Certification Exam Application: 4th Edition Paper Exam Application

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  1. Security Awareness and Crime Prevention
  2. Enhanced Customer Service
  3. Premise Liability
  4. Methods of Patrol
  5. Investigative Techniques, Reports, and Procedures
  6. Off-campus Security and Safety
  7. Workplace Violence
  8. Patient Risk Groups
  9. Interacting with Patients
  10. Special Security Considerations
  11. Security in Sensitive Areas
  12. Electronic Security Technologies
  13. Critical Incident Response
  14. Advancing Professionalism

IAHSS Advanced Training Instructor PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint CD is designed to specifically assist the instructor, to present accurate information that will assist students in successfully completing the IAHSS Advanced Examination. The contents presented address each of the chapters and their objectives.

IAHSS Advanced Training Instructor PowerPoint Presentation CD 4th Edition

Order materials: Advanced Training Manual Instructor Presentation