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The Design Guidelines are more prescriptive and developed to assist security leaders, design professionals and planning staff to build security into each new construction and renovation project. By reasonably addressing security risks up front and early on during design, organizations can cost effectively address the safety and security of new or renovated space. These steps will help reduce the potential for security features either not being designed into new space or added on as an afterthought, or becoming "value engineered" out as projects face limited budget dollars. The intent of integrating these guidelines early in the design process is to emphasize the importance, incorporate the work into other aspects of the project and ultimately to avoid expensive change orders, retrofits or other liabilities incurred by the omission of appropriate planning for a safe and secure environment.

To learn more about the guidelines or to request a copy, please click here - info@iahss.org

Industry Guidelines -

IAHSS guidelines are intended to assist healthcare administrators in fulfilling their obligation to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment; while carrying out the mission of their healthcare organization.

IAHSS guidelines support the need to comply with all national, state / provincial, county and local requirements and are intended to be in harmony with all regulatory, accreditation, and other healthcare professional association requirements and guidelines.

The Industry Guidelines are operationally focused and less prescriptive.

IAHSS members have complete access to all approved guidelines in the Members Only Section.

To learn more about the guidelines or to request one, please click here - info@iahss.org

DOWNLOAD the file on "How to Write a Draft Guideline"

Sample guideline - Security Officer Staffing and Deployment